The launch of a website is the start of the journey, not the end.
The launch of a website is the start of the journey, not the end.

Website Maintenance: Why It's Important and What You Need to Do

For small- and medium-sized businesses, website maintenance is critical for keeping your website up-to-date and performing well after its launch, and Anchored Web Solutions goes beyond just setting up basic maintenance tasks such as uptime monitoring, vulnerability monitoring, backups, and software monitoring.

Anchored Web installs an on-site feedback tool that allows clients to easily provide feedback on their website without needing any technical knowledge, which helps the Anchored Web team to efficiently deliver updates and improvements to the site. This approach not only saves time and money, but also ensures that clients' websites are updated in a way that meets their specific needs and preferences.

When hiring a web developer, working with Anchored Web Solutions can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your website and online presence beyond the launch itself.

Anchored Web Solutions begins website projects by providing a project estimate that lasts from the beginning of their work until the site launches. Upon the site launch, continuing services begin that include maintaining the website for at least 12 months.

The company connects Google Analytics site traffic tracking software to the website, installs reCAPTCHA and SEO crawling, and sets up uptime monitoring, vulnerability monitoring, backups, and software monitoring.

What sets Anchored Web Solutions' customer support apart is their on-site feedback tool, which allows clients to leave feedback on their website without needing any computer or web knowledge. Clients can click anywhere on the page and leave a comment that goes directly to the team. This feedback goes into the team's productivity software, allowing them to manage it and send clients a report at least once a month on their requests and the work done.

Anchored Web Solutions provides each team member with their own account to leave feedback, which can be traced back to them. The productivity boost the team receives from clients being able to tell them exactly what they need in a way that makes sense to everyone involved saves time and money, resulting in quicker turnaround and more efficient work. By engaging with Anchored Web Solutions, clients can have their website updated according to their preferences, enabling their website to work for them rather than the other way around.

"Such a game changer for those days when something looks weird on your screen, but not on ours," he said, "because sites can behave differently from user to user that you might never have realized."

Some clients, such as California manufacturers, have larger teams. The feedback tool allows each member to have their own account to leave feedback that can be traced back to them. For individual clients, the feedback process is simple and straightforward. This approach results in a productivity boost for the Anchored Web team, as clients can provide feedback in a way that makes sense to them without having to know technical terms or translate their needs into straightforward assignments.

That means a quicker turnaround, more efficient work, your website updated the way you like it, faster and at a lower cost.

If it's just a single person, it's simple to point and click on the site itself, where the problem is. The huge advantage for Anchored Web is the productivity boost achieved from having clear details regardless of the clients' level of Web expertise.

Working with Anchored Web Solutions really does make a difference once you're in our system and fully engaged with us. So, give our professional web developers a call and let us tell you more about what we can do to help you.

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