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Is your company in search of a narrative? We can bring it into focus so customers will feel they resonate with your brand.

What's in a story? Since the dawn of civilization, stories have been the main way that we have learned from each other—gaining insight, seeing new perspectives, and engaging in shared experiences. Whether around a campfire in ancient days, or on a wireless livestream today, it's still the truth that emotions play a big role in decisions we make, and that includes purchasing decisions. 

Your company's story is therefore one of the most important aspects of your brand. 

What is content development?

There's a cliche: "Content is king." What does that even mean? The sentiment is a reflection of the idea that no matter what else you have on the packaging, or how many shiny colors you are displaying... no matter what your packaging promises, the true star of the show is always the product itself and how well it performs. Nothing should have priority over the content of your business. 

If you have ever started a sole proprietorship, you are aware that a lot of things about your business were simply invented as a matter of necessity, and for better or worse, that's how it works now for your company. So basically, you "spoke" it into existence by deciding, for instance, that you would bill your customers on every second Monday, or whatever it is. You decided it, and then when your customers asked, you declared it to be so: "We bill on the second Monday of every month." 

These bits of details about your company may seem arbitrary, but with enough of those details, interestingly, I have discovered that every company has an interesting story that tells why it's the way it is, and why it's distinct from its competitors, and why its products or services are superior to the rest. Sometimes, it's obvious... to the owner, and to me, once we've worked together. 

But until we speak it into existence, your customers won't know about it. 

That's where Anchored Web comes in. If you don't have the details about your company, then the story is left untold and the impression people have of your company is different for each person. Content development is a project where I pull together your company's details—its boilerplate info, official marketing materials, social media presence, and website content—and unify it under a single narrative that tells the story of your brand. This "narrative" may even be a "story" in the traditional sense. But usually, it's a set of details found on your website, brochures, and ads that, when unified, create a stronger appeal for your target audience. 

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