It starts with an initial project...

Anchored Web Solutions has a tried-and-tested process for achieving our clients' online goals.

First, we have an initial consultation meeting. This is where we seek to understand your business and your online needs and goals. Sometimes, clients have an idea of what they're looking for — a modern website for their business, usually — but oftentimes it is worthwhile to explore the problems that this proposed solution would solve. Through that exploration, we may discover potential solutions that could be even more effective than just a Website.

Once that information has been gathered, we'll have an agreed-upon project structure, with a timeline and an estimated price for the work. We'll send the service agreement and Client Portal access, where you have the ability to view details of our business relationship. Generally, we charge a project rate for some initial work that results in the launch of a public-facing website. This is followed by continuing services that ensure your website is maintained and kept "tuned up" and is the start of social media and SEO services.

This initial project starts with a 50% project payment to get started. All of our billing is handled electronically through the Client Portal, and all of our invoices are detailed and emailed directly to the client for review. The completion of this initial project is when the second half of the project payment is invoiced.

Our continued services are designed to be active for at least six months, and the full suite of services include on-page SEO enhancements, regular software updates and backups, uptime monitoring and early-warning security audits, social media management, and website content development. For companies with their own in-house marketing resources, our websites are fully manageable through a point-and-click user interface that can be customized to your needs, and can be customized for each user type you may need. The website management control panel is also fully mobile-ready, and all updates are instantly updated for your website's guests.

Our active clients also enjoy a feedback tool built into the website that provides for extremely simple update requests directly to us. You can use the tool to click on any element of any page of your website, and a screenshot with the details you provide will show up in our system, so that we can see exactly what you are seeing — and your feedback goes directly into our productivity software so that it is handled right away.

For these requests and other incidental work, we provide clients access to a portal where all of the timesheet entries, invoicing, and account balances are displayed 24 hours a day. In keeping with our value of being transparent, our invoices are automatically emailed each month and contain line-item details on each entry. Billing includes regular, pre-scheduled monthly tasks we perform under the service agreement: Website backups, software upgrades, and reports.

The end result: You have a fully developed web presence that you can be assured will be kept updated and monitored. As your company grows, and your business needs expand, the website is able to expand to fit your needs.