What the latest Joomla version has in common with Windows 10

What the latest Joomla version has in common with Windows 10

This month, the team over at Joomla released a new version of their powerful Content Management System, Joomla. The latest version is 3.10.3, and while that may not mean a whole lot to the average Web user, for Anchored Web Solutions, it's another milestone that marks a better Web.

More than 90 percent of Anchored Web clients are powered by Joomla software, and there's one major reason for this—constant updates. Unlike some of the other systems like Wordpress and Drupal, Joomla gets an update every 20 or so days. Sometimes they are maintenance releases, like 3.10.3, which address rare-but-annoying bugs found in the system. But the great thing about frequent updates is that Joomla oftentimes releases security fixes -- those holes in the software that would allow bad people to get in and wreak havoc on your site.

"But, if Joomla is updating so often, doesn't that mean it has a lot of problems they're constantly needing to fix?" you might be asking. Well, it depends on how you look at it. The operating system Windows 10 is arriving at the end of this month, and many people are excited that Microsoft is now taking the same approach that software teams like the one working on Joomla are taking.

The reality is that Internet-connected software is constantly under threat from bad guys (and bots), and security is becoming more of a cat-and-mouse chase. We patch security vulnerabilities, and they go looking for more.

The rapid release cycle being adopted here is an approach that says: Users don't care about version numbers. They just want their software to work and be safe. So let's issue updates on a regular schedule and not make such a big deal about the version numbers.

It's something Google has been doing for years with their popular Web browser, Chrome.

And here at Anchored Web Solutions, we're taking the same approach to backups and updates, too. After all, if Joomla is updating so often, then it stands to reason that your Website should be updated so that you can benefit from the security that it offers. That's why we backup and update all of our clients' Websites on a monthly basis. It's a strategy that ensures your site will have the latest security and features, and even if something were to happen to your site despite these measures... we'll be able to "roll back" your site to a time before it happened.

So, what does Windows 10 have in common with Joomla 3.10.3? They are both moving toward a rapid release cycle for their software. Anchored Web likes this, and so we want to make sure our clients are along for that ride.

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