Case Study: 40 Watt Hype

For nearly as long as this band has existed, we have been here to keep the fire lit back at their online headquarters. Adrian Rodriguez, owner of Anchored Web, built the first version of this latin hip hop band's website in 1997 — more than 20 years ago. Talk about longevity.

Back in the 1990s, the Internet was a different place. For one, is was relatively new, and you had to pay for the internet by the hour back then. Fortunately, Adrian had happened to win a raffle for 500 free hours from a very '90s company (by its name): CyberGate. Around that time, his good friend Aaron Wall was starting a band, so, it made sense to build a website for him.

More than 20 years later, if you visit the official website for 40 Watt Hype at, you'll notice that it's still up and running — and now benefits from all of Anchored Web's services. The site has been kept regularly updated for decades and is a great example of the reliability and stability of working with Anchored Web. The site features a shopping cart for both merch and digital downloads, along with sample tracks to listen to that go all the way back to the band's first recordings. All of the band's social media is connected as well.

Throughout the years, the band's music and style has changed, and its website has followed suit each step of the way. We rebuilt the site several times in those years, as web technology has changed in ways that could never have been predicted before the turn of the century. Yet, Anchored Web continues to keep the site up-to-date to take advantage of it all!