Case Study: 5th Realm Haunted House Attraction

In 2010, we went above and beyond to create a haunting ticket-buying experience for a haunted house -- and won a global award in the process.

Anchored Web is focused on the objective -- and in the case of this haunted house's Website, it was to convert terror into ticket sales. In order to achieve this goal, we managed not only a Website and its content, but a YouTube channel, advertising channels, and even sales calls. Fright Night Scream Park went on to triple its online sales from the previous year because the Website made it possible for customers to buy tickets ahead of time -- and with strong competition in the area during a peak Halloween season, that was crucially important.

By the end of the season, we had fully immersed ourselves in the impact of spooky words -- because we had to learn how customers were responding to every word in a Google Adwords placement. By fine-tuning the advertising, we brought more customers to the site -- where we could track their behaviors and get them to the sale page faster with more reasons to buy.

The efforts were noticed by none other than Google, Inc. Its Adwords division was holding a competition that year and Anchored Web's owner, Adrian Rodriguez, was selected as a finalist -- one of only 5 in the Americas. The post from Google can be read here.