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Fresno County Sheriff-Coroner's Office

Sworn deputies, civilian administrators, and political officials -- they all have a role to play in running a law enforcement agency. So naturally, the Sheriff's Office in Fresno County needed a robust system that could handle all of their departments' changing details by delegating certain access for certain users across their organization and could still be used intuitively.

After a public hiring process, Anchored Web was selected to manage the project.

The challenge of building this web presence was in converting an old website into a modern content management system. It also meant that consultation and content creation with multiple departments within the agency were necessary, and Anchored Web successfully navigated multiple stakeholders' needs in order to produce a website that had all of the agencies content represented.

Another important aspect of this website was in the creation of a an online platform for the agency. As a law enforcement agency, it's critical that the information that is available to the public be approved by the public information office and disseminated as quickly as possible. This website was designed to incorporate public relations tools in order to give the department a news outlet platform. 

Other integrations such as the mobile app and some intranet development rounded out this project.

The site launched and was proclaimed as a success by Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims in a radio interview that can be listened to here.

The site displays information about almost every division of the Sheriff's Office, in a well-organized, standards-compliant format. Each division has a designated user in the system, who can access editing for only their division's page on the Website.

Many more challenges were presented by this project, and Anchored Web overcame all of them. To find out more about this case study or learn how your challenges would be addressed in a project we start, give us a call or email us today.