Fresno County Sheriff's Office

Fresno County Sheriff's Office

Anchored Web Solutions was hired by the Fresno County Sheriff's Office in 2011 to upgrade and migrate their existing website for modern browsers, while also developing tools for the public information office to effectively and quickly disseminate news items to the public.

  • Client: Fresno County Sheriff's Office
  • Date: 07/07/2011
  • Info: Protecting the community involves a strong website
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The goal was to make it compatible with modern browsers and provide tools for the public information office to quickly disseminate news to the public.

As a web programmer with media experience, Anchored Web's founder Adrian Rodriguez was tasked with designing a comprehensive site and providing the training of key personnel and tools to publish content.

The website was designed with news dissemination in particular. More than a decade later, the site has been re-designed, upgraded, and re-organized to suit the needs of the department while also maintaining the software with the latest updates and patches. Rodriguez, who has a degree in journalism, designed the site to help the department establish themselves as a media platform for the community. The site also involves tying together all of the permissions needed for specific pages to be manageable by specific personnel in the department.

Collaborating with the agency and its many stakeholders, Anchored Web was able to find a way to allow all users to access what they wanted. The client's administrators could still ensure quality content control once the site was launched.

Many years later, the site is considered a considerable resource for the community, with years of news articles and history contained in it about the county's law enforcement. Countless people have used the site to seek help for law enforcement matters, and Anchored Web is committed to keeping it running smoothly as it does with all of its clients.

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