Glimpses Into History

Glimpses Into History

A revolutionary new website was unveiled in 2015 by Anchored Web that offered an intimate portrayal of World War II veterans such as Cruz Rios, who was born on December 15, 1918, in Colton, Calif. and who valiantly served in the 87th Regiment. Glimpses Into History, an innovative initiative commissioned by the Clovis Veterans Memorial District, presents an unprecedented form of digital storytelling. 

An Immersive Web Technology Chronicles Last Living WWII Survivor's First-Hand Accounts

This evolving collection features firsthand testimonials from World War II veterans, specifically those hailing from Clovis, Calif. and the surrounding central San Joaquin Valley. Cruz Rios's story, a poignant addition to this anthology, offers a poignant insight into his experiences.

Rios's life was marked by constant movement due to his father and grandfather's work in mines. When World War II beckoned, Rios felt a profound sense of duty to join his brother Manual in service. Training at Camp Roberts laid the foundation for his military journey.

Deployed initially to the Aleutian Islands to confront the Japanese, Rios later found himself in the heart of the Italian theater. It is through his narrative, housed on the website, that Rios recounts the heart-wrenching loss of his dear friend Fred during a battle in Italy. The sergeant's decision to separate Rios and Fred proved to be a fateful one, as Fred lost his life that very day. Rios poignantly reflects, "It could have been me."

This narrative and 15 others are now preserved through video testimonials on the platform. Employing cutting-edge technology named "Popcorn," developed with support from the Mozilla Foundation, the website creates an immersive experience. Educational resources seamlessly complement the video, enhancing the viewer's understanding. The integration of tools like Google Maps, thought-provoking discussion questions, and up-to-date Wikipedia articles facilitates a comprehensive exploration of the historical context.

Alex Coffman, a history professor at California State University, Fresno, commends the website's impact on education, emphasizing its role in engaging students in a dynamic manner. Coffman notes that the interactive nature of the Popcorn technology adds a unique layer to the learning process, enabling students to visually trace historical events on live maps.

This endeavor stands as part of a larger endeavor by the Veterans District to safeguard the stories of WWII veterans. Each year, veterans join forces with youth and adult volunteers to expand their stories through photos, videos, and personal narratives, forming succinct documentaries that pay homage to their service. The Veterans Voice Project, born out of collaboration with the Center for Multicultural Cooperation, has been fostering this initiative since 2003.

"Glimpses Into History" is not just a collection of narratives; it is a profound tribute to the valor and sacrifice of WWII veterans, a digital gateway to the past that educates, inspires, and ensures their legacy lives on.

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