Liftr Insights

Liftr Insights

Liftr Insights is a longtime client and partners in many projects with Anchored Web, and our website solution reflects the tight-knit collaboration we've developed together.

  • Client: Liftr Insights
  • Date: 07/07/2022
  • Info: Anchored Web Solutions Builds Optimized Website for Liftr Insights with Mobile-Responsive Design and SEO Focus
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Anchored Web Solutions employed a comprehensive approach to build the Liftr Insights website. The website was designed using Joomla 4, a popular content management system with similar page builder interfaces as found in Wordpress. The website was also created with a focus on mobile responsiveness, which ensures that it can be easily accessed and viewed on various devices.

Anchored Web Solutions worked closely with Liftr Insights to understand their business goals and needs, including conducting research on their target audience, competitors, and industry trends to ensure that the website was optimized to meet their specific needs.

To enhance the website's SEO, Anchored Web Solutions crawled the site for any and all SEO optimization opportunities and presented them in a PDF report to the client within a day or two after the site launch. We addressed all of the site's meta tags, and optimized their static content while monitoring the impact on their page rank to ensure it was performing as expected. The website was designed to allow Liftr Insights to easily publish monthly news releases, which helps drive traffic and improve the website's search engine rankings as new content is added regularly.

Anchored Web Solutions took a strategic and collaborative approach to build the Liftr Insights website, focusing on both functionality and optimization to help achieve the client's goals! We can do the same for you.

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