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Revitalizing Communities Through Digital Transformation: Unveiling Our Success Story with Craig Scharton's Website

Fifteen years ago, Anchored Web Solutions was just getting started, and one of the first and earliest supporters was a person named Craig Scharton, who has a well-known track record of community support in Fresno. Our partnership has stood the test of time, as we have worked together on projects for years. 

Fast forward to the present day, and our alliance continues to grow stronger. Let’s take a look at our work on Craig’s latest venture,, which illustrates how we work diligently to build the brand of our clients through our work. 

“It feels really great to have a website that you’re proud to share with everyone,” Craig said.

A Resilient Partnership

We see business as relationships, and so it makes sense we have always been closely tied to a community supporter such as Craig. Craig's leadership has been instrumental in overseeing the many successful revitalization efforts in the City of Fresno. Fresno's Fulton Mall, for example, transformed into a vibrant pedestrian-friendly destination thanks to many of his efforts. He has also been involved in various initiatives aimed at driving economic growth and improving the quality of life in communities where he works. More recently he has been associated with CMTC (California Manufacturing Technology Consulting) and owner of Peeve's Public House. He also played a significant role in fostering community revitalization as the downtown and community revitalization director under Mayor Ashley Swearengin, overseeing remarkable projects like the Fulton Street Conversion and Fresno Food Expo. 

At CMTC, Craig Scharton's partnership with Anchored Web Solutions was very successful. As a client advisor, Craig regularly recommended Anchored Web to businesses seeking effective digital media solutions for manufacturers through the agency’s grant programs. Each time a client's website was entrusted to us, we approached the project with dedication and expertise, ensuring that their vision was brought to life with exceptional results. The launch of each website gave our clients powerful tools, elevating their online presence and empowering them to thrive in their respective industries. 

In 2023, Craig decided to move to Greenville, South Carolina. Despite moving thousands of miles away, Craig called on Anchored Web to work on his new venture, New Revenue Coach, entrusting us with his vision for a new chapter in his career.


New Revenue Coach, Craig Scharton's brainchild, is a new consultancy that embodies Craig’s big-picture vision for community impact: Offering revitalization consultation for larger agencies, while offering business coaching to small and growing businesses. 

This wide-ranging mission for New Revenue Coach presented a challenge for Anchored Web. As a consultant focused on revitalizing downtowns and neighborhoods, Craig’s website needed to encompass a myriad of services in one cohesive presentation. The site, built on Wordpress, also had to be mobile-ready and visually engaging, reflecting Craig's personality and passion for community development. 

We rose to the occasion, designing the website with a mobile-first approach and incorporating captivating visuals that went beyond the typical professional services site. Collaboratively, we embarked on the endeavor of crafting an interactive website with exciting content and engaging visuals. 

We also configured a booking feature on, which has proven to be a game-changer, yielding tangible business benefits right from the start. This feature is seamlessly integrated into the website, tailored for scheduling consultations with Craig Scharton. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make booking appointments effortless for site visitors. Through this advanced plug-in, Craig can easily set his availability preferences, ensuring that visitors can only select time slots that align with his schedule. This dynamic synchronization guarantees that clients can always choose a time that he is genuinely available, avoiding any scheduling conflicts or inconvenience. The booking feature's efficiency has not only saved valuable time for both Craig and his clients but has also significantly enhanced the overall user experience on the website. 

A Website that Leaves an Impact

The website design showcases Craig's dynamic personality and highlights his role as a consultant and community leader, making it easier for his audience to connect with him and understand his mission.

Craig's enthusiasm for the final product is evident.

“People are pleasantly surprised when they see the site,” he said. “It doesn't look like a boring professional services website. It conveys what I am and what I like to do.”

Key Features of

  • Mobile-First Design: The website's mobile responsiveness ensures a seamless user experience across various devices.
  • Visual Appeal: stands out with its visually appealing layout and captivating imagery, reflecting Craig's personality and mission.
  • Booking Feature: We integrated a third-party booking application, streamlining consultations and making it easy for visitors to schedule appointments with Craig.
  • Navigational Ease: The intuitive navigation enables visitors to explore various aspects of Craig's consulting services with ease.

Anchored Web Solutions takes immense pride in crafting websites that resonate with our clients' visions and values. To explore how our digital media solutions can revitalize your online presence and transform your business, visit us at

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