Embrace your site with design

Simple and minimalist, creative and realistic –we will turn the craziest idea into reality.

A website design is a broad term that incorporates lots of aspects. Generally speaking, this is the way the layout of your web resource is organized from both inside and out. If one digs deeper, he/she will find out that there are two big types of the web designs. The first one is dynamic and the second – static. The latter is built on the basic HTML code.

Website design is not all about writing long lines of code solely. It is also about different methods, techniques and tricky approaches that work for the site owner’s benefit. Many might have never thought about it, but the way you combine colors, play with fonts, animate and manage graphics have a significant impact on the target audience. To pick the right strategy, think about your business niche. Do you work in the food and drink related business? Then don’t forget about the most powerful color combinations that trigger appetite (i.e. red, yellow, green).

Anchored Web has more than 500 templates to choose from. Usually, we'll do the picking based on the best practices for your industry and what works for you. But if you want to have more say over the design, we can provide you access to our templates so we can work together to choose the best one.