The new era of a web agency

Having established itself as the go-to web developer for complex projects, Anchored Web emerged as a web design agency for it's clients. Focusing on more than a business web site, our digital marketing and promotion experience became a determining factor for bidding against competitors in the Silicon Valley for projects that involved a greater purpose than a solitary-yet-professional website. An organization's social media, search engine, and review site presence are all part of the planning for Anchored Web's clients. And with expertise in public relations, we also reached out and developed relationships with key media figures for clients to gain wide traditional exposure.

Anchored Web began to design and deliver brochures, banners, index cards, and large-format projects for organizations such as Food to Share, Grant Mercantile Agency, and the Clovis Veterans Memorial District. These projects brought together our knack for building secure Wordpress and Joomla websites with the experience of offline marketing -- creating successful multimedia campaigns to drive traffic and produce an awareness of client products and services.

This led to branding opportunities, and we designed logos for clients such as Better Blackstone, Sage Brush Day Spa.