Training... And Gaining

Our haunted attraction screamed up unprecedented sales thanks to Train and Gain. Train & Gain was a four week program full of tips and advice to help web design agencies like us get the most from AdWords. Thousands of us took up the challenge and impressed Google with the fantastic results in such a short time.

The winners from the Americas that year were:

  • Adrian Rodriguez (Anchored Web), 5th Realm Haunted House, California, USA
  • Elliot Trotter, Terra Organics, Washington, USA (overall winner)
  • Ivan Hsieh, EMlab P&K, California, USA
  • Judy Weiss, Valstar Printers, Minnesota, USA
  • Shane Dorney, Dorney Security, Texas, USA

5th Realm was all about scaring people. Every year, our four haunted attractions, which span more than 25,000 square feet, drew thousands of people from around the region.

Yet we knew there were many more people still were not aware of our Web site's presale electronic tickets. So we decided to do something similar to what Dr. Frankenstein once endeavored: we sewed together all of the best parts of our Web presence and gave it a jolt of electricity with a budget for Adwords.

And it didn't take long before we gasped, “It's alive!”

With the invaluable lessons we received via Google's Train and Gain program, we took control of our account and made every campaign, ad, and keyword work harder for us. Not only did we bring the cost per click below anything we've ever paid, but we also started getting more daily clicks than we have ever received. By adjusting ad copy and scheduling, we kept costs to a minimum during off-peak hours. And because we tied our sales confirmation page to Google Analytics, our campaigns qualified for cost-cutting conversion optimization.

The villagers bombarded us – but not with pitchforks and torches. They brought their tickets. They wanted in!

We had hoped to increase sales by at least 20% this year. But Google Adwords Train and Gain has undeniably helped us nearly triple our online revenue. Anchored Web is among 15 global winners of the Google Adwords competition, which is cool in and of itself.

The award demonstrates Anchored Web's commitment to developing solutions that fit best with the client, of regardless of whether it is off-the-shelf software or a custom-developed application. With all of these features in place, the campaign of bringing more users to the website translated into increased revenue for every dollar invested in the online advertising campaign.