Web agency projects with a purpose

Anchored Web is sought by clients looking for an advantage in more than just SEO and online advertising. Real-world branding results are even more important for community and political organizations. While we serve our small- and medium-sized businesses with professional website design that build credibility and exposure, non-profits have slightly different needs. We work closely with our clients to generate helpful and insightful reports that provide metrics demonstrating the impact on the communities they serve.

This includes developing online surveys, presentation materials, as well as consulting during the planning stages on how best to measure the digital and offline impact. Google Analytics, you've never been more important in making positive changes!

Our community-based clientele includes organizations supporting veterans, better air quality, law enforcement representation, environmental conservation and food distribution. Our 501(c)3 clients also benefit from cost breaks as well... it's been a win-win for us -- and tack another win onto that for the world itself.