Is your website safe and secure? We'll find the problems.

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Malicious Software Scan

Our first check gets straight to the point: Has the site been compromised? There are a number of well-known attacks from malware that can be detected right at the outset. We run a quick check on your Joomla or Wordpress site to identify any javascript, iframes, redirection or blackhat SEO that can be found on your site. Additionally, we check to see if your site has been added to any of the more popular blacklists. If your site has been used for malicious purposes and for a long time, then you might have a problem with your site appearing on one of these lists. 

And just because your site looks OK, doesn't mean it isn't compromised. Oftentimes, the entire point of a hijacking is to make sure you as the owner of the site never see the ads that are being injected into your site... as this is what the bad actors are trying to keep going without you being aware.

SEO Scan

Is your site correct? Sounds like a funny question, but there is a way to have a correct website. That is to say, a site that is following the syntax of HTML, javascript and CSS. We scan your website for problems not only in the syntax, but also elements that are missing from your pages that could be compromising your search engine optimization. This scan comes up with a score between 1 and 100 that gives us a great baseline to determine where we're going, and where we've started.

Additional Scans

We have an 18-point check for things like which extensions or plugins you have installed, whether they are updated, whether file permissions are correct, and whether you're properly using tags that help to track user behaviors on your site. 

All of these items are sent to you in a report when we start, and on a monthly basis we are working to make sure these things are monitored so that we are able to tell you if there are any issues with your site well before it becomes a bigger, and more expensive, problem.

So... is your website safe and secure?

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