Web Development

Web Development

Let us create a fully functional, mobile-ready, SEO-enhanced website that looks great.

With a background in writing, we can also develop your business's content. All of our websites come with SSL encryption, full hosting, website backups, software updates, and monthly reports.

Website Projects: Quick Glance

  • Send website design mockup(s) to client for approval:
    Before moving forward with the development of the website, we will send the initial design mockup(s) to the client for approval to ensure that they are satisfied with the look and feel of the website.
  • Website content discovery (passwords, images and text, and company boilerplate information supplied by the client):
    We will work with the client to gather all necessary content for the website, including any passwords, images, text, and company boilerplate information that the client would like to include on the site.
  • Website build (2 to 8 weeks):
    Our team will then begin building the website using the approved design and the content provided by the client. We will provide a non-public website address for the client to review and provide feedback on the website during this stage.
  • Revisions, updates, and refining website based on client feedback:
    Based on the client's feedback on the initial build, we will make revisions, updates, and refine the website until the client is completely satisfied with the final product.
  • Pre-launch setup: Social media integration and optimization:
    We will integrate the client's social media accounts with the website and optimize the website to promote social sharing and engagement.
  • Pre-launch setup: SEO and page speed optimization:
    Our team will optimize the website for search engines and improve its page speed to ensure the best possible user experience.
  • Pre-launch setup: Online advertising (optional):
    If the client wishes to advertise their website online, we will work with them to create and launch online advertising campaigns to promote the website and reach their target audience.
  • Website Launch:
    Once the client has approved the final version of the website, we will launch the site to the public and make it live for users to visit and interact with.

Website Core Features

  • Content Management System: Point and click interface to manage and update website.
  • Latest core CMS software security updates: Ensures website is secure and up-to-date.
  • Professionally designed website "look and feel": Custom design of the website that reflects the brand and appeals to the target audience.
  • Blog/news section: A section of the website dedicated to news and blog articles.
  • Simple contact form: A form on the website that allows visitors to contact the company.
  • Registration, login, lost password/reset password, access control levels: User management features for membership websites.
  • SEO and page speed optimized at launch: The website is optimized for search engines and loads quickly.
  • Natively mobile responsive and compatible: The website is designed to work on all devices and screen sizes.
  • Technical training and support available: Training and support provided to ensure smooth operation of the website.

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