Case Study: Hanging Trellises by Grown Solutions

Whether you have a tried and true product, or you're introducing a brand new product to the world — our Websites can help you achieve your loftiest business goals. In the case of Grown Solutions, which can be viewed here, the owner wanted a simple shopping cart for three items — which are variations on the same concept.

But the concept is an innovative one. The owner designed a hanging trellis system for plants that can be installed easily in a backyard or other settings. The product gives an aesthetically pleasing flair to any space, and because it's such a simple idea, just about anyone in the world might want to own one.

The website, of course, means that the owner can sell the product to customers without having to open a storefront. The shopping cart is configured to automatically handle tax calculations, collect the shipping information, and record the progress of a customer through the shopping experience for the owner to see at any Internet-connected desktop computer. The payments are handled through Paypal, which means that the security is handled by a trusted company that specializes in the security of online transactions.

Shippable products are different than other online products, because they require some planning to integrate online sales with concerns such as inventory, fulfillment, and booking procedures. Anchored Web provides consulting to assist a business owner in making the shift to a digital sales platform — and once you're ready to take the leap, the possibilities of what you can offer to potential buyers is limitless.