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1. Discovering Your Needs

The first step in any project is to have a discussion about your business, its goals, and how you believe a Website or other services we offer might help. We will write a proposal outlining the project after this stage.

2. Website Development

During this stage, the work of building the Website and its custom solutions takes place. You'll have access to the site near the end of this stage, while the rest of the public will see a landing page.

3. Website Deployment

...Also known as the "launch" of the Website. When you give the green light, we'll make the Web site available to the public, and provide support and training during its first month of publication to ensure it's running smoothly.

4. Reaching Your Goals

The launch of the site isn't the end of the journey -- it's just the beginning. With a fully functional, professionally developed Website configured to meet your needs, we can now operate your online presence effectively.

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