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Let Anchored Web Solutions design and manage your website so that you can rest assured you have a website designer near Fresno that offers dependable and clear website solutions for your business. Not only are our sites fully updated and secured regularly for your WordPress site, we also offer specialized services as a Fresno Joomla designer.

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Web sites that make profit — how?

How does a website actually make money? This question was posed to me by a new client who wanted to follow her passion for food. She understood that a web blog was a collection of journal-like entries, and she knew that writing articles on a professionally designed website was a good thing... but the answer still wasn't clear to her: How does something technical like web development turn into business revenue, and therefore a return on investment?

This particular client has a huge amount of energy and drive for her favorite topic: food. With this topic, there is no shortage of time for her to spend on it, or content for her to write about. She is excited about the idea of taking pictures, videos, and testing recipes that her site's visitor's would share through the website. 

So clearly, there's value there. 

So, she asked, how does all of this stuff make actual money? My explanation helped her understand, and I hope it will for you, too.

Learn about the "return on investment" approach
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4 ways SEO makes the Internet better for everyone

The Internet wasn't always this way. In the last ten years, we've seen the emergence of Facebook and Twitter as two of the most-visited Websites in history. Facebook in particular garners so much Internet traffic — no surprise considering it has at least 750 million members — that some are worried that it could swallow the Internet whole, making individual Websites obsolete.

A single Website now has enormous influence on the entire Internet -- but there are 250 million Websites out there, so being found has become a new challenge in and of itself. This article will take a look at four ways that search engine optimization is a benefit to the Internet in general -- and how that helps you.

Search Engine Optimized websites have the latest in Web security.

It makes sense that your site should be fully secure—but how secure is it, really? There are a lot of ways that bad actors can compromise your system, so working with a web developer who knows about building security into your website is one of the more important factors of having a fully realized web presence.

But having an up-to-date security plan for your website isn't something that is necessarily offered by a web developer. And that's the first reason that SEO helps the Internet be a better place: Strong search engine optimization means having the latest software and security in place — because SEO is all about optimized, correctly working, buttery smooth performance. Can't get that without the latest that software has to offer.

Of course, it's not like security and SEO are directly tied together; but they do share many of the same goals. Security involves some complexity added to the software, but in the end, it's really about minimizing the risk to the website users, and that includes your business. Thankfully, the big search engines (looking at you, Google), are aware of these two complementary forces of good, so they've made huge strides in ensuring that the best practices for search engine optimization are in line with the best that security has to offer.

SEO-optimized websites are geared toward the user experience.

The Internet is a fascinating and ubiquitous virtual place. It is so vast, actually, that it's hard to grasp how anyone makes their way through it at all, searching for and finding what they want.

It's well known that Google has the market covered when it comes to finding the information you need. But Google only controls what you see on their own search engine results pages. Once you've left their familiar confines, the website you landed on could be a tangled disarray of content that is its own challenge to deal with, alone.

Search Engine Optimization to the rescue! Because websites are all competing for the attention of the end user, and because search engine optimization strategies are widely sought services, that means your website can benefit from all of this growth. Companies like ours (Anchored Web Solutions) are well-versed in the best strategies for growing your online audience, as we study the strategies and use optimization tools to give us detailed reports on your website's health.

And what do these tools suggest? It's pretty obvious: Make sure the site is easy to use and intuitive in its design. It's easier said than done, but again, SEO's influence is to help web developers make their sites easier to use, and that in turn means that information is more widely available to the general public.

Optimized websites are mobile-ready.

This is one of the most-requested features of new websites, and we are completely with you on this one. Starting with the smartphone revolution, all SEO-enhanced websites use mobile-ready templates that adapt to the size of the screen of users. Using a mobile-focused software package called Bootstrap, for instance, enables sites to be user-friendly for visitors who are using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or any other Internet-connected device that you'd use to browse their sites. Mobile-ready sites don't need as much Internet traffic to deliver pages, meaning that the Internet isn't being clogged with thousands of people downloading images and files that can't be seen or viewed on certain devices.

Optimized websites are adaptable to any business.

It happens all the time: An entrepreneur senses a new opportunity and jumps at the chance to make a profit, only to find that his or her initial assumptions were not quite correct and some adjustments need to be made. Maybe the product stays the same, but the business model changes; or maybe a product's performance reveals previously untapped service. SEO-optimized websites, fortunately, can be adjusted in just about any way to fit the needs of a business or organization. For instance, a website can start out as an informational, static one, and as the business grows, a shopping cart could be installed and launched to the public without having to re-work the entire site. And for businesses that "pivot" into a new direction, a professional in the field of SEO management can make these adjustments without compromising your site's search engine score.

Flexibility in business makes for a more successful business -- and successful businesses make for a better Internet.

If you are a Website owner and you want to have the latest security on a search-engine optimized Website that can be accessed from mobile devices and are adaptable to your business, contact Anchored Web Solutions today.

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