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Anchored Web provides products and services to serve your digital media needs.

We specialize in services for the Content Management System Joomla!, but can also build sites and work with WordPress and other CMS-based sites, or sites built on Shopify, Wix, etc. We provide excellent client service with a set of online tools that make it point-and-click easy for you as the client to send us update requests directly on your website.


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New Revenue Coach

Revitalizing Communities Through Digital Transformation: Unveiling Our Success Story with Craig Scharton's Website Fifteen years ago, Anchored Web Solutions was just...


FemeFlex developed a new feminine hygiene product for women. The company believes in empowering women to be confident and strong.

Grant Mercantile Agency

Grant Mercantile Agency is a collection agency based in Oakhurst, serving the healthcare industry. Since 2009, Anchored Web Solutions has handled their companies...

40 Watt Hype

Adrian Rodriguez, the owner of Anchored Web, has a longstanding history with 40 Watt Hype, having been friends with its frontman Aaron Wall since high school. In 1998,...

Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery

At Anchored Web Solutions, we take immense pride in turning visions into digital realities, and our collaboration with Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery stands as a testament to...

Alpha Behavioral Counseling

Alpha Behavioral Counseling Center offers professional and personable counseling services. We meet you where you are, offer an understanding and compassionate therapist...

Fresno County Sheriff's Office

Anchored Web Solutions was hired by the Fresno County Sheriff's Office in 2011 to upgrade and migrate their existing website for modern browsers, while also developing tools for the public information office to effectively and quickly disseminate news items to the public.

Liftr Insights

Liftr Insights is a longtime client and partners in many projects with Anchored Web, and our website solution reflects the tight-knit collaboration we've developed...

Jaymor's Lubricant

We orchestrated the birth of a website that not only encapsulates Jaymors.com's values but also sets the stage for a sustainable future. We fashioned an e-commerce site...


The Fundamentals

Starting the discussion with a new client about their online presence is one of the most exciting parts of this work. Because we have dealt with almost every imaginable situation for the past 15 years in operation, we know what it's like to have a client with absolutely no Internet presence at all, and we also know what it's like to deal with a client with an aging, tangled set of web properties and services. Whatever your situation, you need professionals sometimes to make sure your web presence is driving business, not distracting from it.


Get Enhanced

Whether your site has launched for the first time, or we've relaunched your site with important optimizations, you are now ready to take things to the next level. With your site online and running smoothly, we can address your SEO, social media, lead generation, and email marketing, to name a few strategies. If we built a new site for you, then this phase starts once we've launched the site to the public. We install Google Analytics (or Google Tag Manager), which recently updated to GA4, and we register your site with Google and the rest.


Think Next Level

Clients often have unique needs: Develop a spreadsheet application, or automate a business process. Or, the client needs to organize their customer relationship management software. We can deliver data-driven business solutions, process thousands of records, and produce visualizations for complex datasets. You don't have to stop there. Let's talk about product photography for your latest venture. Let's align your branding with a new logo and design guidelines to strengthen your appeal. There's no limit with Anchored Web.